Programme 'The Journey Thus Far: Celebrating 10 Years of CBGA' 14 December, 2015

It was a proud moment for CBGA as it completes the decade long journey embarked on since 2005. Along with an attempt to create spaces for transparency and accountability through rigorous analysis of government budgets, CBGA has also fostered peoples’ participation on a range of public policy issues by demystifying them. It has at the same time stood for the progressivity in the country’s fiscal policy so as to make government interventions across sectors more responsive to the needs and rights of the underprivileged sections. With the governance and public policy debates in India getting more intense over the recent years, the role of CBGA becomes even more crucial. As CBGA moves ahead in its journey, it sincerely looks forward to strengthen the partnership with all its stakeholders as this decade-long journey would not have been possible without their substantive contribution towards its mission.

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