Conference on 'Towards a Southern Narrative on Inequality' 16 April, 2015

An International conference on "Towards a Southern Narrative on Inequality" was organised on 16 April 2015 and the following day on 17 April 2015, a conference on the "Role of Emerging Powers and India and the World" was organised in collaboration with Oxfam India. They were attended by participants from the ECSN BRICSAM Network and Indian civil society organisations engaging with global policy-making fora such as the G20 and BRICS. The objective of these two conferences was to shape the engagement of southern voices from civil society in global platforms and ensure engagement of socially-excluded groups into the processes. It created a platform for experience-sharing and cross-learning on challenges and opportunities for civil society in engaging with such fora and identifying key entry points for CSO inputs.

Towards a Southern Narrative on Inequality

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