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At The Margins: Is the devolution of national funds to states really worth the praise?


  • 4 April 2016

Narendra Modi’s frequently and proudly repeated declaration is that he has paved the way for higher economic growth led by states through greater devolution of funds to the states as recommended by the Fourteenth Finance Commission (FFC). Well,...

Partial vision

Frontline Budget Issue

  • 1 April 2016

AT a time when the basic structure of the education system, right from the primary school to the higher education level, needs a significant budgetary push, the Budget’s sole focus is on vocational training. By AJOY ASHIRWAD...

Despite 19% decline in childhood stunting, India's battle against malnutrition still looks bleak


  • 29 March 2016

Nearly a third of all children in India are stunted and despite the host of social welfare schemes launched in the last few decades to tackle malnourishment, it still remains as a primary health concern in India. A report on malnourishment...

The downside of govt's social sector push

Business Standard

  • 24 March 2016

The health and education sectors have trudged along the last two years awaiting direction that would be set through new policies the National Democratic Alliance government promised. In the absence of these guiding documents, most observers have...

Where governance, NGOs and data science converge


  • 22 March 2016

Non-profit organizations using enterprise technology like data analytics is something that is rare, the main reason being the lack of funds. So what do you do when technology is all around you, but you just can’t touch it? Call in DataKind, a...

The budget’s dangerous philosophy


  • 17 March 2016

Can we listen to the budget as an annual public statement by the government of its economic and social philosophy and intent? The centre abandoned five-year plans that earlier laid down a road map of where government policies are headed. The budget,...

GST: Palatable for Industry, Sour for Fiscal-Federalism

Mainstream Weekly, VOL LIV No 12, New Delhi

  • 12 March 2016

“Taxes are the Sinews of the State.” —Cicero A Viewpoint So far in India, right from suppliers of raw materials, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and ultimately consumers—all are made to pay indirect taxes to the Centre and...

Presence of 29 percent stunted children in India is a silent emergency: Louis Georges Arsenault


  • 12 March 2016

Speaking at a day-long consultation on ‘Public Investment in Nutrition: Challenges and Opportunities in the New Fiscal Architecture in India’ UNICEF India Representative, Louis Georges Arsenault stated that presence of 29% stunted children in...

PM Modi, This Bill Can Be Easily Passed. So What Gives?


  • 7 March 2016

There is a strong dividing line between symbolic actions and just plain tokenism. Alas, the Prime Minister's suggestion that only women members of parliament should speak on March 8, International Women's Day, would fall in the latter category....

Budget 2016: At the time of deepening distress, govt's rural push may not be adequate


  • 4 March 2016

The preliminary reactions of many people after the Budget presentation gave the impression that farm sector got a boost in terms of a significant increase in budget outlays for the sector. But a closer look reveals that behind this apparent increase...