Book Chapters

  • “Public Finance Policy and Inequality: A Review of the Contrasting Experiences of India and Ecuador” in Democratic Renewal versus Neoliberalism: Towards Empowerment and Inclusion (eds.)

    CLACSO (Latin American Council of Social Sciences), Buenos Aires

    • 2014
    • Malini Chakravarty

  • "Challenges in ICT and E-governance Initiatives in India: A Survey of Case Studies", in Challenging Strategies for Business Management

    VIPSAR, Madhya Pradesh

    • 2013
    • Richa Chintan

  • “Social Security in India”, in India Social Development Report 2012: Minorities at the Margins (eds.)

    Oxford University Press, New Delhi

    • 2013
    • Nilachala Acharya (Co-authored)

  • “Government’s Commitment towards Development of Muslims: A Post-Sachar Assessment of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana” in India Social Development Report 2012

    Council for Social Development and Oxford University Press

    • 2013
    • Jawed Alam Khan (Co-authored)

  • “Incidence of Public Expenditure on Education: Viewing through a Gender Lens”, in Gender Issues and Empowerment of Women

    Nova Publication

    • 2012
    • Protiva Kundu

  • “Inequality and Polarization: A State Level Analysis of Trends and Patterns During Globalisation” in Economic Development and Poverty in India (eds.)

    New Century Publications, New Delhi

    • 2011
    • Sridhar Kundu

  • “Power Industry in India: Can It Meet Economic Growth Challenges?” in Power Sector Reforms: Achievements, Opportunities and Challenges (eds.)

    Macmillan Publications, New Delhi

    • 2011
    • Sridhar Kundu

  • “Centrally Sponsored Schemes: Are They the Solution or the Problem?” (Co- authored), in Progressive Fiscal Policy in India (ed.)

    Sage Publication, New Delhi India

    • 2011
    • Nilachala Acharya

  • “Union Budget and Development of Minorities/Muslims” in Human Rights and Budgets in India (ed.)


    • 2009
    • Jawed Alam Khan

  • “Development Index of Non-special Category States of India” in Economic Reforms, Human Welfare and Sustainable Development in India

    New Century Publications, New Delhi

    • 2007
    • Nilachala Acharya (Co-authored)