Book Chapters

  • “Fiscal Strains in the Era of Neoliberal Reforms: A Study of Uttar Pradesh” in Political Process in Uttar Pradesh: Identity, Economic Reforms and Governance (ed.)

    Pearson Education India

    • 2007
    • Subrat Das (Co-authored)

  • “Poverty, Inequality and Social Development in Rural India” in Rural Development and Social Change (eds.)

    Discovery Publishing House, NIRD, Hyderabad

    • 2006
    • Sridhar Kundu

  • “The Impact of the Central Government’s Fiscal Reforms on Backward States in India: A Study of Orissa” in Globalization And World Economic Policies: Effects and Policy Responses of Nations and Their Groupings; Vol-2 (ed.)

    Serial Publications, New Delhi

    • 2005
    • Nilachala Acharya (Co-authored)

  • “Upgradation of Administrative Services in India: The Role of Finance Commission” in Fiscal Federalism in India

    Deep and Deep Publications, New Delhi

    • 2003
    • Nilachala Acharya (Co-authored)