Fiscal Deficit

Employment News

  • 19 October, 2013

Fiscal Deficit refers to a gap in government's budget; a gap that arises in any financial year when the government's total expenditure exceeds its total income in that year and consequently it borrows money to ...

The Debate on Poverty Measures

Employment News

  • 21 September, 2013

There has been an intense debate within the academia and the policy circles on the estimates of poverty in India as provided by the government sources. The consistent decline in the poverty figures in India in ...

Women's Employment in India

Employment News

  • 14 September, 2013

The recently concluded survey on employment and unemployment (EUS) situation in India, 2011-12, conducted by the National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO), has revealed reduced female engagement in paid econom...

Depreciation of the Rupee

Employment News

  • 27 August, 2013

The rise and fall of the value of a currency vis-a-vis other currencies is a normal development in an interconnected global economy. However, it can become a matter of concern beyond a point, because a section ...

Food Security

Employment News

  • 16 August, 2013

Given the persistence of poverty, hunger and malnutrition in the country, it is commendable that the Union Cabinet approved promulgation of an ordinance to implement the National Food Security Bill and it has b...

Transparency in Government Budgets

Bombay Chamber Review

  • 1 August, 2013

Transparency in Goverment Budgets_Bombay Chambers of Commerce

पटरी से उतरता बाल कल्याण कार्यक्रम

Compact Amar Ujala

  • 12 June, 2013

Patari se utarta bal kalyan karykram

सार्वजनिक-निजी भागीदारी या निजीकरण

Muslim Today

  • 1 April, 2013

सार्वजनिक-निजी भागीदारी या निजीकरण 2day, April, 2013

Role and Relevance of Planning Commission and Finance Commission

Employment News

  • 23 March, 2013

Two institutions that play a key role in influencing the scope of budgetary spending by the Union Government and State Governments are Planning Commission and Finance Commission.The Indian Constitution provides...

थोड़ा है ज़्यादा की ज़रुरत

Dainik Jagran

  • 3 March, 2013

Thoda hai Jyada ki Jarurat-Dainik Jagrna