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Union Budget: Contours & Dimensions

By Sona Mitra

Published In: Yojana

Date of Publication: August 11, 2014

View/Download: Union Budget - Contours and Dimensions.pdf (3225 KB)

Resource Mobilization: Did Union Budget Get it Right?

By Rohith Jyothish and Pooja Rangaprasad

Published In: Yojana

Date of Publication: August 6, 2014

View/Download: Resource Mobilisation.pdf (485 KB)

Cracks in Budgetary Policies Towards the Social Sectors

By Subrat Das

Published In: Economic and Political Weekly

Date of Publication: August 2, 2014

View/Download: Cracks in Budgetary Policies towards the Social Sectors by Subrat Das.pdf (80 KB)

What Does the Union Budget have for Health and Education?

By Protiva Kundu

Published In: Dainik Jagran

Date of Publication: July 13, 2014

View/Download: Union Budget 2014-15-Intervention towards Social sector.pdf (74 KB)

Flow of Credit to Agriculture

By Nilachala Acharya

Published In: Employment News

Date of Publication: July 12, 2014

View/Download: Flow of Credit to Agriculture.pdf (310 KB)

Budget for 2014-15: Not much different from the interim budget

By Subrat Das

Published In: DNA Newspaper

Date of Publication: July 11, 2014

View/Download: Budget for 2014-15 - Not much different from the interim budget.pdf (305 KB)

Budget Track

BUDGET TRACK - Issues before the 14th Finance Commission

This edition of Budget Track offers critical insights on a range of issues relevant in the context of the 14th Finance Commission. It discusses the shrinking fiscal autonomy of States, erosion in governance capacity at the sub-national level, and need for substantive fiscal decentralisation, among other issues.

People's Budget Initiative

People's Budget InitiativeA civil society coalition, which campaigns for the inclusion of people's movements, grassroots organisations and national and international NGOs in the policy processes that determine the priorities underlying government budgets in India.

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