Budget Transparency and Accountability

Transparency in budgetary processes is a necessary condition for responsive decision making by the government apparatus. It brings in better insights and strategies, encourages timely and effective implementation of policies, and helps create public confidence in the willingness as well as the ability of the government to work for people.

Also, more and more people across the country are keen to understand policy decisions pertaining to government budgets and participate meaningfully in discussions on budgetary priorities. But, the limited transparency in government budgets in India at different levels along with the complexity of the accounting system has been a hindrance in this regard.

In this context, CBGA generates evidence on the gaps in transparency and accountability mechanisms in budgets as well as seeks ways for improving the norms and practices in this domain. We also strive to enhance public understanding of Union and State Budgets and bring more clarity in the discourses on issues relating to fiscal policy and budgetary processes.

In order to facilitate public involvement, the budgetary process in a country needs to be transparent not only at the national level, but also at the sub-national levels. In this regard, our endeavour is to inform and encourage the government authorities towards making budget information available in the public domain in a timely and accessible manner, at all levels of governance.

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