How Inclusive is the Eleventh Five Year Plan? Voices of the People

  • 2010

By foregrounding the need for ‘inclusive growth’, the 11th Five Year Plan sought to make a major shift in the development strategy of the Indian state. This was borne out of the realisation that while at one level, India's economy had recorded an impressive growth rate of 8.9%, during the 10th Plan period; at another level, large sections of the population remained untouched by the development trajectory of the nation. Responding to the critical need for bringing people into the exercise of assessing how far the schemes and programmes of the 11th Plan have worked for them, a number of civil society organisations came together to facilitate this People's Mid Term Appraisal of the 11th Five Year Plan. The main objective of the People's Mid Term Appraisal is to add people's voices to the crucial exercise of evaluating the Plan as well as recommend forward looking strategies.

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