Report of the Gender Budgeting Study for West Bengal

  • 2006
  • Subrat Das, Debdulal Thakur and Satadru Sikdar

This report analyses the Budget of West Bengal in the year 2005-2006 to assess the priorities for women in its outlays, to evaluate the composition of the total outlay for women in the State Budget in terms of the priorities across different sectors relating to different needs of women; and to suggest recommendations for budgetary policies that can be adopted by the State for addressing the different needs of women. Following the alternative methodology to analyse this Budget, the outlays earmarked for women under different programmes / schemes are then classified into five different sectors / categories based on the different important needs of women. The report concludes with some specific recommendations for budgetary policies and outlays for women in West Bengal, which may be taken into consideration by the policymakers in the State.

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