Policy Updates

Standing Committee submits report on policy on promotion of city compost

  • April, 2017

The processing and use of city waste as compost is a logical component of the “SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAN” campaign of Govt. of India, launched by the Prime Minister.

The Standing Committee on Chemicals and Fertilizers submitted its report on ‘Implementation of Policy on Promotion of City Compost’ in May 2017. As of 2014, installed capacity to process city compost was 10 lakh metric tonnes, while compost production was 16,000 metric tonnes per year. To process and use city waste as compost, the policy on promotion of city compost was approved in 2016, under the Department of Fertilizers. Under the policy, assistance of Rs 1,500 per tonne of city compost will be provided to marketing entities for production and consumption of city compost.

The expenditure towards market development assistance for scaling up production and consumption of City Compost will be met out from the budget provisions for Department of Fertilizers.

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