Book Chapters

  • “Implementing Right to Education in Uttarakhand: The Missing Links” in Right to Education in India: Resources, Institutions and Public Policy (eds.)

    Routledge India, New Delhi

    • 2015
    • Nilachala Acharya (Co-authored)

  • “Utilisation of Funds under RKVY: Issues and Challenges”, in Flagship Programmes: Impact, Problems and Challenges Ahead

    NIRDPR, Hyderabad

    • 2015
    • Nilachala Acharya and Richa Chintan

  • “Public Provisioning towards Food Security in India: Whose Responsibility?”, in Panchayati Raj Institution and Rural Management in India (ed.)

    Mayur Publication, Bhubaneswar

    • 2015
    • Nilachala Acharya

  • “India’s Foreign Trade: Recent Patterns, Challenges and Prospects”, in India and the World Economy (ed.)

    ICSSR and Oxford University Press, 2015

    • 2015
    • Malini Chakravarty

  • “Devolution of Functions, Functionaries and Funds to PRIs : An Assessment” in Democratic Decentralisation in India: Experiences, Issues and Challenges (ed.)

    Routledge, Hyderabad Central University

    • 2015
    • Jawed Alam Khan

  • “The Tryst Compromised: India’s Fiscal Policy and Its Children” in India’s Children(eds.)

    Oxford University Press

    • 2015
    • Subrat Das

  • “Exclusion in Planning and Budgetary Processes” in India Exclusion Report 2013-14

    Books for Change

    • 2014
    • Subrat Das (Co-authored)

  • “Climate Change and Gender: Study of Adaptation Expenditure in Select States of India” in Handbook of Climate Change Adaptation

    Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg

    • 2014
    • Saumya Shrivastava (Co-authored)

  • “Public Finance Policy and Inequality: A Review of the Contrasting Experiences of India and Ecuador” in Democratic Renewal versus Neoliberalism: Towards Empowerment and Inclusion (eds.)

    CLACSO (Latin American Council of Social Sciences), Buenos Aires

    • 2014
    • Malini Chakravarty

  • "Challenges in ICT and E-governance Initiatives in India: A Survey of Case Studies", in Challenging Strategies for Business Management

    VIPSAR, Madhya Pradesh

    • 2013
    • Richa Chintan