Working Papers: India's Investment in Nutrition: States' Role and Response

  • 2017

India’s policy framework includes many proven nutrition interventions; but challenges in the domain of public financing of these interventions have affected their coverage. With the recommendations of the Fourteenth Finance Commission, the autonomy of the State Governments in financing these interventions has increased. However, whether nutrition interventions are being prioritised in State Budgets in the most recent years needs to be examined.

In this context, CBGA in collaboration with UNICEF India, has studied State Budget outlays for nutrition interventions, included in India’s policy framework, for select States for the most recent years. Based on this research, four Working Papers have been developed.

These papers have a comprehensive mapping of nutrition interventions financed by the Union Budget and budgets of select states, present the methodology developed for tracking budget outlays for those, and assess the budget outlays for these interventions in the most recent financial years.

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