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Centre for Budget and Governance Accountability (CBGA) is a policy research and advocacy organisation based in New Delhi. It analyses public policies and government finances in India, and advocates for greater transparency, accountability and public participation in budget processes.

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CBGA Budget Analysis Tool

This comprehensive Budget Analysis Tool helps to explore various priorities and proposals in Union Budget 2016-17.

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Updates on Union Budget 2016-17

CBGA Budget Analysis Tool

March 01, 2016

This comprehensive Budget Analysis Tool helps to explore various priorities and proposals in Union Budget 2016-17.

Connecting the Dots: Analysis of Union Budget 2016-17

March 01, 2016

It presents a comprehensive analysis of the priorities and proposals in Union Budget 2016-17, focusing on social sectors (such as education, health, drinking water and sanitation, food security etc.) and the responsiveness of the Budget towards the vulnerable sections of the population (such as women, children, dalits, adivasis, religious minorities and urban poor). It also looks closely at the progressivity in the taxation policies adopted in the latest Budget.

Updates on Policies and Governance

Budgetary hurdles and gender equity

Kanika Kaul

Omission of women's schemes from 'Core of the Core' category of highest priority schemes is a concern.

The draft National Policy for Women brought out by the Union Ministry of Women and Child Development (MWCD) recently, has once again drawn attention to the need for “advancement, development and empowerment of women with appropriate policy prescriptions and strategies”.

In the process of development planning, the need to prioritise women’s concerns, both in the government policies and programmes, has been well-recognised since 1970s. The approach towards addressing women’s needs has, over the years, evolved from a welfare approach to a more rights-based one.

Budget Simplified

Budget Infographic

How does India's tax system compare with those of other G20 Countries?

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Learn About Budget Concepts and Terms

Learn about the key concepts and terms used in budgets and fiscal policy discussions, like, Plan and Non-Plan Expenditure, Direct Tax vs. Indirect Tax, SCSP and TSP etc.

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Budget Track

Budget Track 2016 - Nutrition

This issue of Budget Track is a special issue focusing on Nutrition. It is a part of the efforts, to deepen the policy discourse in India on nutrition specifically from the public investment perspective. The recent changes in the federal fiscal architecture and the policy landscape over the last year have a number of implications for financing for nutrition. Since addressing undernutrition requires a multi-sectoral approach, adequate public investment for nutrition across a range of sectors is crucial. Moreover, there has been a disconnect to some extent between the discourse on nutrition and that on budgets in the country; hence, this issue of Budget Track aims to bring together insights from both the domains in order to develop a holistic understanding of public investment for nutrition. To this end, this publication focuses on the key concerns, strategies, challenges and success stories in the domain of nutrition and public expenditure in the current context.

People's Budget Initiative

People's Budget InitiativeA civil society coalition, which campaigns for the inclusion of people's movements, grassroots organisations and national and international NGOs in the policy processes that determine the priorities underlying government budgets in India.

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